Why Preplan

Making funeral arrangements beforehand gives you time to consider all your options and truly plan a service that’s unique to you. If you’re still on the fence, below are a few more reasons why preplanning is a good option.



It's Smart

Planning for any stage of life is a good idea, and the last stage is no exception. No matter your age, anyone can preplan, and you can make changes whenever you wish.

You Relieve the Burden

Preplanning relieves the pressure from your family during what will be their time of grief and remembrance. Furthermore, you remove the burden of having to decide your wishes without knowing exactly what you wanted.

You’re in Control

When you preplan, you’re in control of creating a unique celebration of life. You also can include your family members in the planning, so the service reflects their wishes and needs as well.

There are Prepay Options

When investing your funds to prepay funeral expenses, there is considerable legislation in favour of the consumer put in place by our governing body, the Bereavement Authority of Ontario. One of the ways of protecting your funds is by investing them with a third-party company, like an insurance or trust organization, rather than the funeral home account. In most cases, there are payment options that include, but are not limited to, making a deposit and paying the balance of with monthly payments.

One of the benefits of prepaying your funeral expenses is that your family will not be asked to pay more for the same supplies and services, as long as the terms set out in the initial contract were met. At the time of death, the money held in trust or insurance, will be used to pay for the supplies and services set out in the contract. Costs will be based on prices in effect at the time of death.

For more information on how preplanning and prepaying works in Ontario, please download the Consumer Information Guide.

How to Begin

Check out our planning checklist to see all your options. Then, you can plan online using our form or you can schedule a meeting with our staff to plan your personalized service details.




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